Can Food Allergies Sabotage Cures?

Can Food Allergies Sabotage Cures?

Great presentation and discussion about allergies and how our unique allergic responses may make some of our choices counter-productive. 

According to world-renowned allergy pioneer, we can be allergic to anything. 

If we are allergic to a cure that works for everyone else, we need to find another cure, quit feeding ourselves toxins, and/or heal our allergic responses before we can achieve good results that others are receiving. 

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We have included some links below to a few of the topics mentioned in this interview. Enjoy.

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Overcoming Food Allergies – These can create healing…

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Mistletoe Trial – 






From the Townsend Letter
August/September 2004


Emanuel Revici, MD: Efforts to Publish the Clinical Findings of a Pioneer in Lipid-Based Cancer Therapy Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3
by Marcus A. Cohen


The Story of Dr. Revici

This is the story of Emanuel Revici M.D., his groundbreaking medical discoveries and his success in treating pain, cancer and other illnesses with his non-toxic “chemotherapy”. It is a true story of a physician whose work was published by the prestigious Pasteur Institute, yet who was subsequently persecuted and prosecuted by the medical establishment. Kelley Eidem captures a genuine feeling of this extraordinary physician often told through the experiences of Dr. Revici’s patients. This story will melt your heart.

Praise for Dr. Emanuel Revici, M.D.
“A man who is years ahead of his time—laying the foundation for twenty-first century medicine.”
Barry Sears, Ph.D.
Cancer Researcher, Author of The Zone and Mastering The Zone

“…the Louis Pasteur of our time… a treasure!”
Gary Null, Ph.D.
Author, Radio talk-show host

“Dr. Revici has cured many people who were otherwise considered incurable.
Seymour Brenner, M.D., F.A.C.R. 
Board Certified Radiation Oncologist

“I don’t know how he does it, but people walk in dead and walk out alive.
John Heller, M.D.
Former head of Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center

“…I am absolutely convinced—that man is a genius.”
Pat McGrady, Sr. 
Former 25-year science editor for the American Cancer Society

“Revici’s treatment of cancer [is] far beyond my wildest expectations… His results are amazing…”
Louis E. Burns, M.D.

“When I worked with Revici… I saw terminal AIDS patients who improved. Some lived almost normal lives.”
A.R. Salman, M.D.

“I have never seen a more dedicated physician.”
Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D. 
Author of Cancer as a Turning Point

“…I know of no conventional oncologist who can match his results.”
Patrick M. McGrady Jr. 
Newsday Magazine



Please Note… When experts are talking about the benefits of Salt, they are NOT talking about processed white table salt.

Beneficial salt is sea salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, the salt named “Real Salt” and others salts that have not been messed with. 

Before you use a slat, investigate and make certain it’s good for you.

This provides good guidelines on water and salt intake:

How Much Water? How Much Salt?   
Q: How much water should I drink? How much salt should I eat?

Dr. Lynne August 

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